Configuring your GNOME Desktop with

The GNOME Infrastructure hosts a NextCloud instance which is currently available to all Foundation Members willing to share files and folders inherent to their contributions within the GNOME Project. Make sure your GNOME Account is used when logging in to the service.

A little how to on how you can configure your machine to use will follow.

Mount your Owncloud web space on Nautilus

  1. Click on the app menu and select Connect to Server

  2. Enter your personal WebDAV address following this example: davs://$

  3. Enter your password and then wait for the mount point to be created.
  4. You should see the mount point under the Network area on the left sidebar of Nautilus.

... or just set up your Owncloud account in the online accounts panel in the control-center.

Share files with other team's members

  1. Add a file.
  2. Highlight the file and click on Share

  3. Start typing the person / team you want to share the file with.
  4. The shared file will appear to all the team members on a specific directory called Shared.

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