New GNOME Account Requests

Translators no longer need Git accounts to submit translations. Please read (this and this) for more information.

How to request accounts on GNOME infrastructure.

What technology is used for GNOME accounts?

GNOME accounts are LDAP accounts, created on our identity management (IdM) solution, which is based on FreeIPA.

When are GNOME accounts required?

GNOME accounts are currently required in three cases:

  1. Developers who need to directly commit code to modules in the core GNOME GitLab group

  2. Contributors who need to use services which are restricted to GNOME accounts owners. This includes Nextcloud, Openshift and
  3. All GNOME Foundation members, who automatically get an account with their membership

GNOME accounts are not required to contribute code changes to GNOME modules, as this can be done through merge requests in GitLab, and GitLab can be accessed using a third-party authentication provider (Google, GitHub, Please read get involved for more information on how to get involved in a specific team.

How to request a GNOME (LDAP) account


Account applicants must be endorsed by an existing GNOME contributor or module maintainer. Applicants must also demonstrate that they have been working with a specific GNOME team either writing code, documentation or providing other general purpose contributions before applying for a GNOME account.


  1. Login into using one of the available third-party authentication providers (, GitHub, Google).

  2. Open an account request issue and only fill in the json dictionary composed of two (2) keys, action and module. The available actions are: new_account, git_access, master_access, update_email. The module value should only be specified with the new_account, git_access, maint_access actions and should point to the relevant GNOME module you are willing to request commit access to. For the update_email action please make sure the email you'd like to see synchronized on your GNOME Account is the primary one you registered on your GitLab account. The title of the account request issue should be "Account request". Don't worry about the issue being made confidential as automation will make sure that is taken care of for you.

  3. The GNOME Accounts Automation Bot will process your request by mailing relevant GNOME module maintainers, ask for their acknowledgement and create your account and associate requested rights against Gitlab's GNOME group or
  4. Once your application has been processed and the request issue has been closed, reset your GNOME Account password here. Your profile can then be managed by accessing with your credentials.

  5. If you are planning on committing changes to GNOME modules, make sure that you read our documentation on using Git and being a maintainer.

  6. Once your GNOME (LDAP) account has been created, it will be linked to your existing GitLab account via a dedicated identity. For services that are not GitLab (i.e Nextcloud, Openshift, etc.) you should be able to login by entering the requested username and the password that was previously reset.

Automation bot examples:

{"action": "new_account", "module": "gnome-shell"}

{"action": "git_access", "module": "nautilus"}

{"action": "maint_access", "module": "gimp"}

{"action": "update_email"}

Other key takes when selecting the new_account action:

  1. Your name, surname and username will be computed out of your full name as found in your GitLab profile

  2. The registered email on your GNOME account will be the one of your GitLab profile

  3. You will also be granted access to the LDAP group that will allow access to all repositories within GNOME's GitLab namespace

Other key takes when selecting the update_email action:

  1. The email that will be synchronized with your GNOME Account is the secondary one you have registered on your GitLab account, please make sure that one is up to date and doesn't match your alias or the e-mail address the alias points to

Other key takes when selecting the maint_access action:

  1. This action will grant you access to for committing new releases
  2. This action should only be requested by existing GNOME module maintainers, the app will make sure the DOAP file is updated before granting access

Other account types

See this page on how to create a blog on email addresses mail aliases are currently created automatically within 24h from your acceptance as a member of the GNOME Foundation (the e-mail the alias will be binded to is the one available on your user profile page on the Account Management System). access

Accessing is required for publishing new releases. It requires the DOAP file of the module that you will be publishing to contain a maintainer tag with your userid.

To apply, please open a new account request issue and specify the master_access action with the module you'd be willing to do releases for.

How to manage an existing GNOME (LDAP) account

Users can log into to update their personal information and SSH keys. If you have lost your account details, see the instructions on how to reset or retrieve your first time GNOME account password.

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