Mirroring service

  • Server: master.gnome.org, OSCP Platform kindly hosted by Red Hat

  • URL: download.gnome.org

  • Software used: MirrorBits

The mirroring service is where people can download the latest releases of GNOME software, it's currently managed through MirrorBits and it's available at https://download.gnome.org.

How it works

When a maintainer makes a software release, they prepare their tarball, scp it to master.gnome.org, and then SSH in to master.gnome.org to properly make use of the ftpadmin script. This script creates checksums and installs everything in the appropriate place under /ftp/pub/GNOME. From there tarballs and any other relevant GNOME content is synced against mirrors around the world. At the edges MirrorBits handles redirection against the closest mirror based on the IP address of the requester.

Applying to become an official GNOME mirror

Open a new issue providing the template requested information. We will assess the request and respond with the rsync password. Once the rsync password has been sent you should be able to configure your mirror to rsync at least 2-3 times a day. An example rsync command might look like this:

rsync -vrlpt --delete-after --password-file $HOME/bin/rsync_password mirror@master.gnome.org::gnomeftp /ftp/pub/mirror/ftp.gnome.org/pub/gnome

When your mirror is successfully in sync, please report back the HTTPS URL of your mirror. We will spot-check the provided URL, add them to our mirror database and finally include the mirror admin e-mail against our official GNOME mirror admin mailing list alias.

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