Accounts handling

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Owner: GNOME Sysadmin Team

Contact: #sysadmin

Persons: AndreaVeri

Machine: account



Accounts Team documentation on how to properly handle new or existing accounts requests.


New accounts requests

  1. Request existing module maintainer(s) to vouch for the new account to be created (it's enough to just quote the relevant username on the GitLab issue, i.e @username)

  2. Make sure that the requested account name fulfills the requirements in the Account Name FAQ document.

  3. Create the account here and grant the gnomecvs group to it.

Adding shell access for FTP uploads

  1. Check for approval from the module maintainer.
  2. Grant the ftpadmin group to the user requesting it after receiving the ack from the module maintainer. This can be done by searching the user (through his name, surname, email) on the search box on the left side. From there select User Groups --> Add, then search for the group and effectively add it.

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