The Jabber service hosted on the GNOME Infrastructure

The GNOME Infrastructure hosts a Jabberd istance meant as a benefit for the GNOME Foundation members requesting access to it.


Which software are we using?

We're currently using Prosody. More information at

How JIDs will look like?

JIDs will look this way: (this to prevent any confusion between the mail alias and the JID used for the jabberd service.

Who can register to the service?

Registrations to Jabber are currently allowed and granted only to Foundation members. (this is yet another benefit we give to contributors for their hard work and dedication)

The full list of Foundation members can be found at

How can I register to the server?

Upstream is currently working on a mail-based-verification to restrict registrations to the server to a specific range of emails, until that is done new users registrations will be handled manually by the AccountsTeam. Please send an e-mail to <> with your preferred JID. (existing GNOME Account owners will see their JID reflect their existing UID)

Can I chat with someone who is register on a server which is different than

Indeed you can, that's the default Prosody's behaviour.

Are MUC (Multi-User-Chats) enabled?

Yes, they are.

Can I change my password afterwards?

Indeed you can, this is not a blocker anymore. The Jabber daemon isn't binded to LDAP, thus you can directly use the built-in function on your client to change your personal password after your account has been originally setup.

Unfortunately the ability to change your password is currently available on Gajim but not on Empathy. Check for more details.

Do you provide encryption?

Sure, our CA provides us the needed certificate to provide TLS support to our service. The certificate is not self-signed, and the CA public key that signed our certificate can be downloaded at the following url.

What's the current uptime of the service?

The uptime is excellent and it's only subject to the maintenances / mass reboots we do every month. (which usually means the service will be down for 5-10 minutes)

Can I keep my account around when I won't be a Foundation member anymore?

Yes, it's generally a good thing to do applying for the Emeritus Status that will grant you access to this service for life. In addition we'll hardly delete old members Jabber accounts given the very low usage that Prosody takes of our resources on the servers.

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