The same account names are used for a lot of different services. Account names serve an important role in identifying the people contributing to various projects. All those projects use the same services and name space, and this is why there are some important requirements on account names.

Account Name Requirements

  1. The account name needs to be only lowercase letters a-z
  2. The account name should also be easily connectable to the full name. This means that the name should be a combination of your first, last, and possibly middle names, or abbreviations or initials of such.
  3. If your first and last names are long enough to make the above difficult, we may entertain proposals that are abbreviations of only your first or last name, assuming that they are sufficiently uncommon.
  4. Finally, if you already have a account, such as a Git account, shell account, or a mail alias, your requested account name needs to be identical to your already existing account name (this does not apply for accounts though). In other words, you will have the same account name also for this account. However, in case your existing account name does not fulfill the above rules, you may have your account name changed, should you want so.

You may want to have a look at the AccountNameFAQ as well for answers to common questions about these rules.

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