Extract Shell

For extracting Shell JavaScript files from GResource

1. Create a folder to store the files

mkdir ~/myShell

2. Write a script to extract all necessary files

gedit ~/getShell 

   1 #! /bin/sh
   3 gs=/usr/lib64/gnome-shell/libgnome-shell.so
   5 cd $HOME/myShell
   7 mkdir -p ui/components ui/status misc perf extensionPrefs gdm portalHelper
   9 for r in `gresource list $gs`; do
  10   gresource extract $gs $r > ${r/#\/org\/gnome\/shell/.}
  11 done

3. Make the script executable

chmod +x ~/getShell

and run it


This will save all the files under ~/myShell

To use this installation

GNOME_SHELL_JS=~/myShell gnome-shell --replace

From: http://blogs.gnome.org/mclasen/2014/03/24/keeping-gnome-shell-approachable/

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