Snap / Flatpak Hackfest

London, UK | Spring 2020

Primary contact: <heather DOT ellsworth AT canonical DOT com>
Secondary contact: <ken DOT vandine AT canonical DOT com>


Come join us in London for a few days to see how we can improve snaps and flatpaks. This event is expected to be a small gathering of core flatpak and snap developers and we'll gather to discuss the ways their built, using the same runtimes, how general container issues should be solved, etc.

Agenda, goals

  • We will discuss all aspects of snap and flatpak.
  • We want to achieve a shared solution to the issue of how EDS reaches across the container wall.

Code of Conduct

As for all GNOME-related events, the GNOME Events Code of Conduct and CodeOfConduct/PhotographyPolicy apply.

Any violations of either should be submitted to the event organizers (see above) or the GNOME Code of Conduct Committee





More information will be made available to this page so check back soon!

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