Notes from Day 1

Present: Cosimo, Alex, Sri, Arc, Christian, Daniel, Avi, Cassidy, Dan, Jonathan.

We are meeting at the Endless office in SF.


We started with a kickoff meeting at 10 to select topics of interest.

  • xdg-app / sandboxing
    • endless
    • elementary
  • GTK+
    • Portrait/landscape modes (GTK+ sucks on tablets)
    • Aspect ratio for GtkSwitch

    • Multitouch
    • Entry placeholder
    • Open/Save dialog design
  • Builder
    • Elementary app support (vala, cmake,...)
  • OS Installer ?
  • App stream
    • gnome-software vs Elementary store
    • downstream customizations to appstream data


  • We started with Alex giving some introduction to xdg-app theory, and gave the elementary guys some demos and explained things
  • Endless has done an experimental build of their own runtime, and (almost) got it working in a day
  • Matthias and Alex continue working on the document and content portals, with the goal to get evince to use it during the hackfest
  • After lunch, we had a session about GTK+ issues, where several small issues of the endless team were quickly addressed with patches
    • GtkEntry placeholder text will get better styling, allowing to keep it around even when focused

    • GtkSwitch will get a slider-height property to allow square sliders (this is just a short-term fix until GTK+ gains support for css min-width/height)

    • Various popover placement problems rendering and placement problems were discussed too
    • We did not come up with a good solution for disagreements about file chooser design, and the elementary team may continue to use a GTK+ module to provide their own file chooser. There was a lot of disucssion about ways to link the design of the file chooser to the file manager thats in use, and possible out-of-process approaches. In the end, we did agree that the content portal D-Bus approach looks very promising for this.
  • Later on, the guys came by and we had an exchange about their approach to sandboxing, comparing cap'n proto with kdbus and gvariant.

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