West Coast Hackfest

Portland, July 18th-21st

Primary contact: Kristi Progri <kprogri@gnome.org>

GNOME teams

1. Engagement team

2. Documentation team

3. GTK team


The focus of this Hackfest will be on getting the members of each team working together for 4 days and that would push some of the initiatives forward. Each team will publish their own agenda below.

This would be a good chance for the documentation team to work together on project ideas originally planned as the Season of Docs project.

Members of the Engagement team can work on their main activities such as social media, events and conference, merchandise etc.

GTK team can continue working on the library for graphical user interfaces.

Other teams are also welcome to join up as well especially if there is an opportunity to share knowledge.

Agenda Engagement team

  • Review website content - critique and evaluate content
    • + Generate new ideas for what the content and use of the GNOME website should be. + Discuss what small but effective changes that can be made to the website today
  • Social Media - how can we improve our social media presence - discuss kinds of content
  • Fundraising and FoG

Agenda Documentation team

  • Content audit and gap analysis for gnome-help. Work with release notes, feature updates and other sources to update an area of gnome-help (desktop, networking, user and system settings, multimedia, file management, hardware, a11y).
  • Update app help. Review and update the help for a number of applications.


  • If we can work with the design team, restructure gnome-help. Revisit which information is presented to readers of gnome-help, and how it is presented, with the focus on landing and getting started pages. Update getting started graphics as needed.
  • If we can work with the sysadmin and design teams. Make progress in setting up Pintail on help.gnome.org as the new site builder.
  • Work with Engagement and GTK. Discuss the current roadmap for user and developer docs content management and identify areas where we can share resources.

For details, see project ideas in Outreach/SeasonofDocs.

Agenda GTK team

  • Review the items on the GTK4 milestone: https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gtk/milestones/1

  • Work on current in-progress tasks for GTK4:
    • Constraints layout (Emmanuele)
    • Profiler support (Christian)
    • Action / Menus (Matthias)
    • Merging outstanding pango / harfbuzz branches (Matthias, Behdad)

Dates and Venue

July 18th-21th, starting at 9:30 am and finishing at 5pm.

Venue: https://www.urbanofficeplace.com/en/about

How to get to the venue?

Local Transportation:

* There is one that runs regular hours between the University and Urban office Place. It is only a short walk to the bus stop on the University end. No transfer about a 20 minute ride https://trimet.org/schedules/r035.htm The 36 line extends it's route over to the University during rush hour, but at non-peak times and weekends the 35 is the only option. It runs 5am almost to midnight on weekends. People staying elsewhere https://trimet.org/ is the way to plan your ride.

Uber: If you are a group of people sharing an Uber might be a smart choice for a fast ride and sharing the bill too.

Accommodation suggestion

HI Portland Hawthorne District Hostel https://www.hiusa.org/hostels/oregon/portland/hawthorne-district.



Email address


Jim Campbell


Documentation Team



Documentation Team

Christian Hergert


GTK, Builder Team

Matthias Clasen


GTK Team

Britt Yazel


Engagement Team

Sriram Ramkrishna


Engagement Team

Patrick Griffis







Documentation Team

Michael Hill


Documentation Team

Rosanna Yuen


Engagement Team

Behdad Esfahbod

GTK Team

Blog posts

Here we will link all the blog posts published during or after the hackfest, including information about the work done.

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