WebKitGTK+ Hackfest

A Coruña, Galicia. December 5th - 12th

Contact: Xan López <>

Relevant GNOME team


The hackfest will happen at the Igalia offices (see the photo), which are located at Bugallal Marchesi 22, 1st, 15008 A Coruña, Galicia, Spain:


Agenda, goals

  • The agenda will be defined during the hackfest itself following a "Unconference" format. Here's a preliminary list of tasks some of us think coud be interesting to address: Preliminary Agenda


  • Produce a couple of video demos and/or interviews about WebKitGTK+ and perhaps general GNOME development (diegoe)



Arrival at station/airport

Arrival Date/Time

Departure from station/airport

Departure Date/Time

Alejandro García

LCG, VY2798

Sunday (5th Dec) 08:30

LCG, VY2799

Sunday (12th Dec) 15:10

Joone Hur

LCG, JK6464

Sunday (5th Dec) 12:55



Benjamin Otte

LCG, TP563

Sunday (5th Dec) 15:10

LCG, TP777

Sunday (12th Dec) 08:00

Dan Winship

LCG, JK6464

Sunday (5th Dec) 12:55

LCG, JK6077

Sunday (12th Dec) 20:40

Diego Escalante

LCG, IB 522

Saturday (4th Dec) 19:25

LCG, IB 523

Sunday (12th Dec) 17:35

Gustavo Noronha

LCG, TP776

Sunday (5th Dec) 18:10

LCG, TP777

Sunday (12th Dec) 08:00

Martin Robinson

LCG, JK6074

Friday (26th Nov) 15:20

LCG, JK6079

Saturday (11th) 07:00

Philippe Normand

LCG, VY1290

Sunday (5th Dec) 17:45

LCG, VY1291

Sunday (12th Dec) 18:15

Xan López

LCG, JK6074

Tuesday (23th Nov) 15:20



Mario Sánchez Prada





Sergio Villar Senín





Costs (besides the trips)

  • Venue: Free, provided by Igalia
  • Hotel: it's around 26€ night per person, (including breakfast and wifi)

Current sponsors

How to get there

  • Air: A Coruña has an airport connected to Madrid, Amsterdam, Lisboa and other destinations. It's easy to get there.
  • Train: There are trains getting to A Coruña, the station is close to the venue/hotel.
  • Bus: Buses are available, the station is close to the venue/hotel.
  • Car: You can get there driving, indeed.
  • Walking: Sure

Accommodation and food

We will book in Avenida Hotel, which is 500 m from the venue (5 minute walk)

Previous discussions, organization threads, drafts, relevant links, etc

  • Private ones


Useful links for WebKit hackers:

Previous editions of the WebKitGTK+ hackfest:

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