Collaboration discussion

Points raised by designers at the 2010 usability hackfest.

  • Every year we say "we should communicate better", and we don't
  • The thing missing now is tools
  • How would a collaborative design tool work?
    • Telepathy integration for design tools, to chat with other designers
    • An open-source equivalent for DropBox

      • notifying you of changes to remote files
      • graphically showing history of files and diffs
      • on a conflict, makes a copy rather than replacing/resolving
      • but then how does developer/designer discussion get stored?
      • this could integrate with Nautilus
        • but what if they're not part of the Gnome project?
  • "We need to be able to share ideas with each other without being afraid"
  • It shouldn't be technical, you shouldn't need to know Git, it should Just Work
  • possible components: Wizbit (, CouchDB, Google Wave
  • Inkscape works with local files, so whatever it is should sync local files
  • shouldn't require negotiating with your company's IS team to set up a server
  • designers and developers can add notes to mockups (jQuery on a Web page?)
  • IRC bot: "a new mockup has been posted"
    • could collect IRC discussions of that mockup and post them on the Web page
  • need to make the tool really simple, to attract new, non-technical designers
  • make Bugzilla show thumbnails for images
  • repo view (e.g. cgit) should show actual images rather than hex dumps

Who will implement this?

Desired changes to Inkscape:

  • options to make embedded bitmaps safer (relative paths, more obvious embedding)
  • "View" > "Grid" and "View" > "Color-Managed View" (what?) should be boolean

  • Bugs 399776, 365458

  • save an archive containing the SVG, all necessary bitmaps and fonts

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