Initial Setup

Working notes from the initial setup session.

Design page:

Select Language

'Show all' is in English - doesn't work for a language selector

  • Garrett - show all should be abvove the list since it is dominant

Each language begins with 'Use...' - needs to be translated for each language, but most haven't been translated yet

Horizontal separator lines are too dark. Probably needs more padding between list items.


List of networks is ordered incorrectly (by name rather than strength).

Symbolic icons in the list need to follow selected state

Needs wireframes for connecting to a hidden network (this should be synchronised with the system settings network panel designs).

Jasper - should we display the (system status) network menu during initial setup?

  • Jon - this might not be needed.

General issue with listing wifi networks by strength - this isn't working correctly in the shell menu.

  • Garrett - we should prioritise open networks in the list - for when travelling.

'Wireless Networks' heading is too strong, visually. Needs an explicit no selection or deselect option in the list.

If you already have a cable plugged in we don't want to show the wireless setup stage in the

Incorrect alignment of lock and strength icons (should be in columns by type).


Button styling!

Browsing for an avatar opens a file chooser - this shouldn't be possible in a kiosk mode.

We should have an option to take a picture for the avatar.

Or maybe we don't need the avatar selection in initial setup - this should hopefully be automatically pulled from online accounts, or might not be appropriate for all users.

Do we want suggestions for user names (based on the full name).

"Choose How to Login" < Should this be "login" or "log in", or is "Sign in" better (probably is)?

Full name and username combos are not visually aligned


If you can change the location without authenticating in initial setup, shouldn't you be able to do the same in systm s

You should be able to change the date and time without authenticating (in system settings).

We need proper geolocation support!

Needs to try and autodetect the location when the pan panel is opened.

The map needs to be bigger.

The search entry should be a GtkSearchEntry (i.e. have symbolic search/clear icons)

Should the map be for display purposes only (ie. you can't interact with it)?

  • Allan - the map is hard to use - inaccurate and stressful.
  • Tobi - people wouldn't like to have to type.
  • Jimmac - interacting with the map would require introducing the complexity of zooming. It would help if the world map image is low resolution/sketchy - to suggest that it's inaccurate.
  • Jon - it's not clear to users how accurate they need to be. Location needs to be automatic wherever possible. Typing the location isn't too much work.
    • We need to iterate on the mockups here.
    • We should also followup on the geolocation issue with Bastien.

Online Accounts

Add account dialog - there's a tension between the add account and the cancel button - this would be resolved by putting the dialog buttons on the top.

It isn't clear what the online accounts are for - we should add an explanatory string here (and to the location stage too).

Lots of layout issues here!

Existing accounts should be in a white list box.

Thank You

The Back and Next buttons need to be removed.

Need a solution for the tour.


Needs to be fast and cover the absolute essentials.

Jimmac - video could show how to press the windows key to open the overview and launch an app.

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