Sysadmin Hackfest

SCALE, Feb 25-27 2011

Primary contact: (!) Christer Edwards
Secondary contact: (!) Paul Cutler / Jeff Schroeder

Relevant GNOME team

(!) Sysadmin


(!) We would like to get the GNOME Sysadmins all in one place for a weekend to knock out a number of projects that are better realized via face-to-face development and discussion. This would include migration of services to virtual hosts, improving LDAP redundancy, working on Mango, etc.

Agenda, goals

(!) Assuming we have the new hardware by this point, we would like to accomplish the following:

  • Move more things to puppet
  • -Migrate LDAP and DNS to standalone 1U server.- -- POSTPONED until the server comes in

  • Migrate container (NFS) to secondary combobox machine.
  • Continue RHEL6 and -sssd migration- sssd updated to fixed version from upstream -JeffSchroeder

  • Build out and deploy web services to virtual machines.
  • Update documentation on changes made including SOP
  • -Tune Monitoring Solution (Nagios) to not be quite so sensitive. (noise!)-

Measuring your success

(!) We have a number of long pending bugs that need attention. Dedicating time face-to-face will allow us to address a number of these and (finally) get them resolved.


(!) Christer Edwards, Jeff Schroeder, Olav Vitters


(!) $279.40 - Christer flight
-(!) $655 - Olav flight (estimate)-

Current sponsors

(!) SCALE (sponsoring a room/space for Sysadmin use)

How to get there

(!) No travel needed for Jeff
(!) Plane needed for Christer
(!) Plane needed for Olav

Accommodation and food

(!) SCALE has a deal with the Hilton for $109/night with code "SLE"

No accommodation needed for Jeff
No accommodation needed for Christer (staying with Jeff)
-$109 x3 nights for Olav - ($327)-

Rough Total

(!) -$1261- $279

Previous discussions, organization threads, drafts, relevant links, etc


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