Snowy Hackfest

Boston, MA USA - November 5th - 8th

Primary contact: Paul Cutler <>
Secondary contact: Sandy Armstrong <>

Relevant GNOME team


The hackfest will take place during the Boston Summit with Friday and Monday reserved for hacking, as well as dedicated times Saturday and Sunday for hacking with breaks for hackers to attend talks during the Boston Summit

Agenda, goals

  • Mobile client for accessing and syncing notes
  • Implement UI / Design via CSS / template
  • Implement a text editor
  • Implement note sharing between users via the web interface
  • Prepare Tomboy Online for Beta release

Measuring your success

  • Success will be measured by Tomboy Online's readiness for beta, the creation of a mobile client and the ability to edit and share notes via the web.



  • Venue: TBD
  • Hotel: It is our goal to use the same hotel as attendees for the Boston Summit. Currently estimated at $125 / night.
  • Total estimated cost: $3600 (using Kayak for airfare)
    • 4 nights for hotel

Current sponsors

  • Google ($1000)
  • Mozilla ($2000)

How to get there

  • Air: Logan Airport (Boston, MA USA)

Flight Information



Airline / Flight Number


Airline / Flight Number

Sandy Armstrong

05NOV10 7:22


08NOV10 19:36


Paul Cutler

04NOV10 16:50

Delta DL1492

08NOV10 14:22

Delta 2925

Jeff Fortin

Nov 4, 10:25

AC 7680

Nov 8, 18:45

AC 7689

Leon Handreke

Nov 4, 21:00

Swiss LX52

Nov 8, 21:40

Swiss LX53

Jeff Schroeder

04NOV10 16:40

Virgin America 360

08NOV10 18:35

Virgin America 371

Accommodation and food

  • Hyatt Cambridge
  • The airport has free WiFi

    • ISATRAP. Actually not "free wifi" as we expect it; only for checking flights and whatnot. No emails, no maps, no searching etc.
      • No, it's not a trap. You have to watch a 30 second ad about how great Microsoft Office is and then you get 1 hour of free internet

Previous discussions, organization threads, drafts, relevant links, etc

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