GNOME ♥ Rust 2023 hackfest

Online, 14-15 January 2023

Primary contact: Bilal Elmoussaoui <>
Secondary contact: Sebastian Dröge <>


Another online-only "GNOME ♥ Rust" hackfest to work towards the next release of gtk-rs as well some other relevant projects. The idea is to gather people interested in the GNOME & Rust bindings ecosystem to help finishing the remaining issues that targets the next release. Details are available at

Agenda, goals

- Better documentation generation from gir

- Higher level properties/gobject::class macros and how to move forward with these

- Finish up the doc stripper cargo plugin

- Get rid of unnecessary allocations at FFI boundary (strings, NULL-terminated arrays, etc)

Code of Conduct

As for all GNOME-related events, the GNOME Events Code of Conduct and CodeOfConduct/PhotographyPolicy apply.

Any violations of either should be submitted to the event organizers (see above) or the GNOME Code of Conduct Committee



Relevant contribution/aim

Bilal Elmoussaoui

GTK4/gir/other bindings

Sebastian Dröge

GStreamer/GLib/gir/other bindings

Guillaume Gomez


Vivia Nikolaidou

GStreamer bindings

Jan Steffens

GStreamer bindings


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