GNOME+Rust Hackfest #4 2018

Thessaloniki, CoHo, 15-18 Nov 2018

Primary contact: SebastianDröge ( Secondary contact: Vivia Nikolaidou (


15-18 Nov 2018


CoHo We will have a meeting room for up to 15 people on Thursday/Friday and the whole venue on Saturday/Sunday.


This hackfest is a follow-up of the previous ones (1, 2, 3). The goal is to improve the interoperability between Rust and GNOME, improve support of GNOME libraries in Rust. This is already well started and we'd like to go even further!

Agenda, goals

  • Improving gtk-rs and bindings for other GNOME libraries
  • Continuing the work of gnome-class/gobject-subclass implementation
  • Continue to improve librsvg Rust's implementation
  • Discussing further on gtk-rs release process
  • Bug/issue triaging for gtk-rs and related crates
  • Add your topic here!

Code of Conduct

As for all GNOME-related events, the GNOME Events Code of Conduct and CodeOfConduct/PhotographyPolicy apply.

Any violations of either should be submitted to the event organizers (see above) or the GNOME Code of Conduct Committee



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Dietary Requirements


SebastianDröge (slomo)




ZeeshanAli (zeenix)


Guillaume Gomez (imperio)

14 Nov

18 Nov


Antoni Boucher (antoyo)

Philippe Normand (philn)

13 Nov

20 Nov


Jordan Petridis (alatiera)

14 Nov

19 Nov


FedericoMenaQuintero (federico)

14 Nov

19 Nov


Julian Sparber (jsparber)

12 Nov

19 Nov


Alex Crichton (acrichto)

15 Nov

18 Nov

Meh (meh)

15 Nov

18 Nov

Vivia Nikolaidou (vivia)




How to get there

The venue is near the center of the city, the address is Napoleontos Zerva 10:

Bus connection to the venue: From the center, bus lines 7, 10, 11 (and 11B), 31, 33, 39 (and 39A). The bus stop is a couple of minutes on foot: or

From the airport, bus line 01X (2€ fee). You get off at Dimarchiako Megaro MEGARO(ΔΗΜΑΡΧΙΑΚΟ ΜΕΓΑΡΟ). Go back for about 150m, turn left on Napoleontos Zerva, and walk about 150m.

Flying to Thessaloniki airport (SKG)

From the airport, you can take bus number 01X (01N between 22:00 and 6:00) that takes you to the other end of the city, passing through the center and with various stops on the way. The fee is 2€, you don't need to buy the ticket in advance, but have your coins ready (the ticket machines in the buses give no change).

A taxi from the airport to the center has a fixed price of 20€.

Transportation inside Thessaloniki

If you're staying at the center of the city, you can most likely walk to most places you'll need.

The only means of public transportation in the city is buses. You can get more information on Google maps (don't trust timetables there) or

Another nice option is rental bikes: You register once using your passport and receive your bike card, which includes at least 5€ for bike rentals. There is a 2€ deposit that you get back once you return your card. The price is 1€ per hour. Bikes can be taken from one station and returned to another. A map of the stations is here:

You'll notice the ubiquitous metro construction works, which are stalled as they keep discovering layer after layer of older versions of the city and at the same time running out of funds. As you can imagine, it's now a running gag among the locals.


GNOME+Rust Hackfest #4 by Zeeshan Ali

GNOME+Rust Hackfest in Thessaloniki by Guillaume Gomez

Rust ❤️ GNOME Hackfest by Julian Sparber

Thessaloniki GNOME+Rust Hackfest 2018 by Federico Mena-Quintero

Rust+GNOME Hackfest #4 by Antoni Boucher

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