Notes from day 3

Demo time!

Martin demoed his recipes shard in several endless templates, and it basically worked. The shard was hacked to make the recipes data show up in the endless data model. For a proper conversion, we need a data model that is appropriate for recipes and chefs.

Cosimo showed a karaoke app that he found on github, working as flatpak.

Then Philip took Martin's shard and plugged it into his recipe app lookalike.

Matthias showed the Halal category that he added to GNOME recipes

Siska brought us gifts for cooking at home.

Lunch break

Matthias sent a mail to gnome-i18n to talk about translation of recipes

Some more discussion about next steps for server-side infrastructure of recipes

  • Converting to shard storage is a separate step from switching to a flatpak extension
  • Once we ship the content as flatpak extension(s), we don't need to use the static-web git repo anymore
  • We still want a web service that accepts contributed recipes as shards and feeds them into a build system or queue

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