Notes from day 2

We started the day off with an introduction to Emeus and constraints-based layout.

We moved to cards as a sharable ui element. Endless' cards are currently written in javascript, and are tied together with arrangements in some ways (arrangements need the datamodel as well to do things like sorting and filtering.

Plans for this:

  • cards need Emeus for their implementation, so it needs to be implemented in either GTK+ or libmod4card
  • create a C library libmod4card - Philip
    • make cards pure GTK widgets, no data model mandated
    • pass adapter callback to bind arbitrary model (GListModel) to child widgets
  • GTK
    • facility for binding data model to widget
    • not just GtkListBox, also GtkFlowBox, Emeus and other containers

    • Needs prototyping, not suitable for freezing in GTK4 timeframe
  • Use cards in GNOME recipes - Matthias
  • Use standalone cards elsewhere in EOS - Cosimo

Coffee break

  • Discussion about sharing more widgets: lightbox, image editor. The lightbox should probably go into the same libmod4card. For most apps, the image editor might only be interesting in its read-only mode. One other example we came up for is a hypothetical app-data editor, where screenshots could use an image editor.
  • More sharable pieces: dnd support in GtkListBox

  • New topic: questions for the chef visit!

Lunch break

After lunch, we started to work on some tasks from earlier discussion. Martin got the recipes data and started converting it into a shard. Matthias debugged some issues that showed up during demoing of recipes earlier.

Elvin met with some cooking students to get real-life user input and they will also send us Indonesian recipes tomorrow.

/Notes from the cooking students

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