Recipes Hackfest 2018

Location and Date TBD

Primary contact: Matthias Clasen <>
Secondary contact: Cosimo Cecchi <>

Relevant GNOME teams

The GNOME Recipes team and Endless


GNOME Recipes has come a long way in the first year of its existence. EOS has a cooking application too. While GNOME recipes is focused on collecting and sharing your own recipes, the Endless cooking is really good about presenting content that is not limited to recipes, but includes instructions, ingredients and other relevant knowledge around cooking, and it presents things in a more visually rich way. GNOME Recipes’ data distribution implementation is pretty rudimentary and could use a better backend. It does provide “sharing” of own recipes though, while endless cooking app is entirely read-only.

In this hackfest, we want to explore ways to join forces and turn recipes into a cooking app that works for EOS users as well as the GNOME community.


Ultimatively, we want to determine a path that makes the best aspects of both applications available for everybody in a single app.

Here is a list of concrete things we would like to make progress on during the hackfest:

  • Have a common (between GNOME and Endless) strategy to distribute and update offline content packs
  • Think about data storage and how to contribute back to the database, plus sharing
  • Find common parts between different card UIs and see if we can share this
  • Experiment with Emeus for layout in GNOME recipes
  • Maybe build an GNOME recipes lookalike using the eos app framework
  • Get at least 10 recipes added
  • Think about how non-strictly recipes content fits in the picture (such as techniques, ingredients, tools...)

Interesting topics that might not fit into this hackfest:

  • Localization - how do we present recipes that are relevant to the current locale, how do we adapt recipes to another locale
  • GTK4 card UI and emeus
  • Search - consolidate search frameworks around Xapian (for content, at least)

We are also considering adding an open community event (there's a number of GNOME community members in the area), which could be about adding local recipes to the app. To make it more fun, it could be combined with a cook-off where we try the recipes and make hand out prizes.

Dates and Venue

Proposed date: last weekend in February (Feb 23-25) or first weekend in March (Mar 2-4). We may potentially add an extra day if we want to have an open community event

Proposed venue: Jogyakarta, Indonesia.

Endless has a local team in Indonesia. Cosimo will get in touch with them to determine feasibility and details. We will finalize the date and venue by the end of the year.

Accommodation and Transportation

TBD, together with date and venue


People we would love to have attend:



Travel costs

Foundation member






Total sponsorship request

Emel Elvin Yıldız

Recipes designer


Matthias Clasen

Recipes author


Ekta Nandwani

Recipes contributor


Jakub Steiner

Recipes designer


Cosimo Cecchi

Endless, organizer


Martin A

Endless, engineer (card UI)


Emmanuele Bassi

Endless, engineer (storage)


Matthias will get in touch with the GNOME board to request sponsorship.

Following along and organizing online

Telegram has proven popular for syncing up while at events. We have a Recipes group on telegram that can be used for hackfest chit-chat etc.


Notes from the hackfest will appear here.

Blog posts

Here we will link all the blog posts published during or after the hackfest, including information about the work done.

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