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Python2011 Hackfest

location, date

Prague, CZ - Jan 17th-21st
Hackerspace Prague (brmlab)
Map | Prague Public transport (Metro & Tram stop: "Vltavska")

Primary contact: John (J5) Palmieri <johnp AT redhat.com>
Secondary contact: Tomeu Vizoso <tomeu.vizoso AT collabora.co.uk>

Relevant GNOME team

PyGObject, GNOME Python Application Developers


We are 2-3 months away from freezing Gtk+ and another 2-3 months after that when we ship GNOME 3.0. PyGObject Introspect has just become usable by applications developers but there is a long way to go to get to parity with the PyGtk bindings. We need to identify consumers' issues and fix them, both in Gtk+, GObject Introspection and PyGObject Introspection before we ship the GNOME 3.0 platform. We would also like to get as many apps ported as possible.

The mission is to keep Python as a great language in which to code in the GNOME platform and to do that we need to get some of the early adopters of PyGObject Introspection in the same room with the core developers so we can fix their most pressing issues and finish up the last mile of development needed to ship a stable development platform.

Agenda, goals

  • Get a deeper understanding of what parts are important to GNOME Python and focus on getting those bits finished
  • Identify API in Gtk+ that is unwrappable and get it fixed before the freeze
  • Work with developers to port their applications
  • Get PyGObject into a shippable, stable state
  • Figure out our post-GNOME 3.0 goals
  • Reduce invocation overhead
  • Move overrides to one or more separate modules
  • Figure out a way to have private overrides for applications (i.e gedit)
  • Bugs to look at: #561264, #638915

Measuring your success

  • Getting a release out that we a proud of and can call API stable
  • Fully porting some apps and plugins from PyGtk to PyGObject Introspection

  • Getting more applications developers to dive into the PyGObject code and write patches


  • John (J5) Palmieri <johnp AT redhat.com> - I am the defacto maintainer of PyGObject Introspection and work on it full time right now. My goal is to get the last pieces in place so we can ship a stable version with GNOME 3.0

  • Tomeu Vizoso <tomeu.vizoso AT collabora.co.uk> - Though not as active at present because of having moved to other projects, I have contributed for a considerable time to gobject-introspection and pygobject.

  • Sebastian Pölsterl <sebp AT k-d-w.org> - Started trying to port an application to PyGI, but quickly realized that most of PyGTK's charm is gone. My goal is to bring it back and make PyGI behave as similar to PyGTK as possible.

  • Laszlo Pandy <laszlok2 AT gmail.com> - I am one of the two primary developers of Jokosher. I plan to start porting Jokosher to PyGObject during my December holidays. My goal for the hackfest would be to finish porting it and make sure PyGObject works well with Jokosher's dependencies (Gtk, Gstreamer, cairo, etc.). I live in Budapest, and if the hackfest is held in Prague it would not be difficult for me to attend.

  • Simon Schampijer <simon AT laptop dot org> - I would like to work on making Sugar ready for GNOME3 - we use PyGTK. As I am attending FUDCon 29-31 of January in Tempe, Arizona having the hackfest mid January (for example 10-14, 17-21) would work for me. As I am from Berlin Praha is very convenient.

  • Ignacio Casal Quinteiro <icq AT gnome dot org> - I would help to fix things up, and to keep working on getting gedit plugins ported to pygi.

  • Steve Frécinaux <steve AT istique dot net> - I wrote the libpeas python support which is now used by gedit, totem and a few others. My goal by going there would be to switch more apps to using pygi for their plugins and port said plugins to gi.

  • Simon van der Linden <svdlinden AT gnome.org> - I wrote most parts of PyGI, which has been merged into PyGObject earlier this year. I have had very little time to work on PyGObject this year because of my late Master's thesis, and later my new job and new apartment. Getting back on hacking PyGObject is definitely on my good resolutions list for 2011.

  • Martin Pitt <martin dot pitt AT ubuntu dot com> - In Ubuntu we have a lot of pygtk apps, including our installer "Ubiquity", the Software Center, Apport, the language selector, and others. I'm starting to port the small ones and walk upwards as the stack becomes more stable. (See my recent blog post for some bugs/fixes/problems I encountered).


Name (* denotes hotel is booked in your name)



John (J5) Palmieri *

$730 airfare

Simon van der Linden

Tomeu Vizoso

n/a (local)


Sebastian Pölsterl *

150 EUR airfare

Simon Schampijer

Laszlo Pandy *

90 EUR train

Ignacio Casal

Simon Schampijer

63 EUR train

Sebastian Pölsterl

Ignacio Casal

~20 EUR train

Laszlo Pandy

Steve Frécinaux

~60 EUR airfare

Martin Pitt

Simon van der Linden

~60 EUR airfare


Martin Pitt *

50 EUR train

Steve Frecinaux

Estimated subtotal


Hotel: 4 rooms avg $75/night x 5 nights - $1500

Total: $2911.06

'UPDATE: Budget has been submitted to the board. Please let me know if you have to change your estimates'

Costs Reimbursed in Prague

The amounts too small for the GNOME Foundation to transfer will be handed out in Prague by J5.


Amount approved by GNOME Foundation

Amount J5 must give me

Laszlo Pandy

$49 USD

895 CZK

Simon Schampijer

63 EUR

1531 CZK

Sebastian Pölsterl

150 EUR

3 640 CZK

Ignacio Casal

20 EUR

485 CZK

Steve Frécinaux

34.98 EUR + 52 CZK

902 CZK

Simon van der Linden

28.99 EUR + 52 CZK

757 CZK

Current sponsors

Premier sponsor: Collabora Ltd.

How to get there

The nearest metro station to the hotel is Florenc (yellow B and red C lines) and to the hackspace is Vltavska (red C line). The hackspace is just across the river from the hotel.

Here are walking directions from Florenc to the hotel and from Vltavska to the hackspace (must be easier than what Google says). Below are directions from the hotel to the hackspace.

To get to the Florenc and Vltavska stations, use this website.

Accommodation and food

The Hotel Opera has been booked for all participants needing accommodations. It is within walking distance of the hackspace as well as places to unwind after hours.

We will be booking 4 hotel rooms for the 17th-21st. That means we are expecting people to arrive early Monday and checkout Saturday.

Previous discussions, organization threads, drafts, relevant links, etc

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* List of PyGTK apps to port to Introspection

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