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Python Hackfest 2010

Will take place in Cambridge, MA, 14th-18th April 2010. One Laptop Per Child will be hosting the hackfest in their office at 1 Cambridge Center, near Kendall Square.

Join us remotely at the #pygtk, #pygi and #introspection channels at GIMPNet.

Primary contact: (!) Tomeu Vizoso <tomeu AT tomeuvizoso.net>
Secondary contact: (!) John (J5) Palmieri <johnp AT redhat.com>

Relevant GNOME team

PyGObject, PyGI


The mission is to keep Python as a great language in which to code in the GNOME platform. The two concrete goals on which the hackfest will focus are porting PyGObject to Python 3.x and giving a push to PyGI (gobject-introspection bindings).


14th-18th April 2010

Agenda, goals

Additional items

  • Port over the pygtk code generator to read gir in addition to defs and update pygtk to use that
  • improve the pygtk->pygi translation scripts tomeu wrote, to make the migration easier (use lib2to3 and do real ast conversion if sed isn't enough)

  • compare pygi support for modules wrapped in gnome-python, with the long-term goal of killing gnome-python
  • implement more overrides, for nicer repr() and better pygtk compatibility (treemodel, gdkevents, etc)
  • proper support for default values in pygi
  • RIT OVC Hack-fest (https://fedorahosted.org/OpenVideoChat/wiki/BosHackfest), focused on optimizing video conferencing on the XO with python-telepathy+gstreamer+theora

  • Union support, so libgirepository (among other things) can be accessed from Python

Measuring your success

Tickets referenced above need to be closed or to have patches that are close to be committed.


If you are interested in attending, please send email to the contacts above stating the work items on which you want to hack (and/or proposing other work items).






Tomeu Vizoso


Prague, Czech Republic



John Ehresman

Py3 support

Boston, USA




Colin Walters

Colin Walters


Boston, MA

Can host 1, possibly 2


John (J5) Palmieri

Py3 support/GNOME

Boston, MA

Can host 2

David Malcolm

Py3 support

Boston, MA

Luke Macken


Boston, MA



  • Prague-Boston round-trip flight for Tomeu: $700
  • Flights from almost everywhere to Logan International Airport: Skycheck - flights Boston

Current sponsors

(!) <list of confirmed sponsors>

How to get there

(!) * Flights from almost everywhere to

Accommodation and food

  • Two spots on a couches/air bed at Casa Palmieri - Right off the Red Line with easy access to Cambridge/Boston - you will need to share the sleeping area with my dog so if you have allergies or hate dogs this will not be a good choice
  • One spot at Colin's place, also right off the Red Line.

Previous discussions, organization threads, drafts, relevant links, etc

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