Edinburgh, Scotland

PipeWire and Linux audio hackfest

Edinburgh, Scotland, date 29th to 31st of October, 2018

Primary contact: Christian F.K. Schaller <ChristianSchaller>
Secondary contact: Arun Raghavan <ArunRaghavan>
Third contact: Wim Taymans <WimTaymans>

Relevant GNOME team

GNOME teams: Pipewire, GStreamer, Totem, Control Center, PulseAudio, Jack


Pipewire has now reached a level where it contains basic support for running both PulseAudio and Jack applications. That said there is a still a large slew of issues and details to hammer out, not to mention a lot of code to write before we can cross the finish line here. The meeting will include Wim Taymans presenting on and demoing how far along Pipewire is, especially the Jack and PulseAudio emulation parts and discussions about what are the requirements we feel are needed before we can say that Pipewire does provide a viable drop in replacement for Jack and PulseAudio.

Agenda, goals

  • general explanation of what, why and how
  • map out exactly what is needed to have Pipewire provide a unified architecture for Video and Audio and not provide (ideally) any regressions for PA and Jack based applications. The answer here might include keep using the current PA and Jack implementations for certain usecases and just outputting to Pipewire.
  • Based on those requirements create a todo list
  • Figure out who is interested in working on the todo list items
  • if time allows start working on them during the hackfest.


  • 29th: attendees arrive, introductions and introductory presentation
  • 30th: Items to discuss and look at is feature parity requirements, desktop policy requirements
  • 31st: Same as 30th


Red Hat is Sponsoring the venue GNOME Foundation is sponsoring travel costs for community contributors


We need core developers from PulseAudio and Jack communities to attend, possibly also Bluetooth developers and people from projects such as GNOME control center and GStreamer. Some attendees will be in Edinburgh quite a few days before this event due to other events such as GStreamer Conference and Linux Foundation events.


Relevant contribution/aim

Arrives on

Departs on

Staying at

Wim Taymans

Creator of PipeWire

24 Oct

1 Nov

Jurys Inn

Arun Raghavan

Core PulseAudio developer

20 Oct

1 Nov

Residence Inn

Christian Schaller


25 Oct

1 Nov

Jurys Inn

Bastien Nocera

GNOME Desktop integration

Saturday 26th, evening

Thursday 1st, morning

Premier Inn, Lauriston Place

Filipe Coelho




Tanu Kaskinen




Jurys Inn

Nirbheek Chauhan


23 Oct

29 Oct (sorry!)

ibis Styles Central

Nicolas Dufresne




Haymarket Hub Hotel

Jan Grulich




Premier Inn, Lauriston Place

George Kiagiadakis


24 Oct

01 Nov

Haymarket Hub Hotel

Colin Guthrie

PulseAudio, KDE integration




Olivier Crête


21 Oct


Haymarket Hub Hotel


(!) <list of costs like venue, hotel, etc>

How to get there

The event will be hosted at CodeBase who are located at 38 Castle Terrace, Edinburgh, EH3 9DZ.

  • Train
  • Bus
  • Taxi

From Europe

  • Fly to Edinburgh airport

From faraway places

  • Fly to Edinburgh airport

Accommodation and food

Look at other attendees for interesting hotel options in the area, some downtown hotels are already booked out so try to book early.

Previous discussions, organization threads, drafts, relevant links, etc

In terms of time and venue options losely discussed so far includes doing it around the GStreamer Conference (25-26 October 2018 · Edinburgh, Scotland). Another option is doing it as a completely standalone event in Malaga, Spain sometime in September, October or November. Other options are also possible, but we most likely end up doing it in Europe somewhere to keep travel costs down since most relevant devs are in Europe.



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