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<venue landscape or nice image of the city or project logo>

<project> Hackfest

location, date

Primary contact: (!) <GNOME Foundation member leading the effort>
Secondary contact: (!) <not necessarily a Foundation member>

Relevant GNOME team

(!) <GNOME team: marketing, [project], art, etc>


(!) <a description of the hackfest covering: why, who, what>

Agenda, goals

(!) <at least 5 *concrete* goals>

(!) Note to organizers
a detailed agenda and goals section will help your proposal be taken most seriously.

Measuring your success

(!) <a few expectations about the hackfest that you expect that -if met- will make it a successful gathering>


(!) <list of attendants + cost of travel + amount being requested>


Relevant contribution/aim

Foundation member?

Arrives on

Departs on

Flight cost

Accommodation cost

Total sponsorship request

Rupert Monkey

Specialises in taking screenshots




50 bananas

500 peanuts

40 bananas and 400 peanuts

(!) Note to organizers
for the initial proposal estimates are ok, before the final approval you will be asked for final confirmed costs (reasonable variations are ok).
The sooner you figure out the final costs, the better. And please remember to be frugal.


(!) <list of costs like venue, hotel, etc>

Current sponsors

(!) <list of confirmed sponsors>

How to get there

(!) <main means to get to the city and to the venue: plane, train, car>

Accommodation and food

(!) <list of places to stay and eat near the venue>

Previous discussions, organization threads, drafts, relevant links, etc

(!) <list of any resource like mailing lists, forums, wiki pages, etc where this has been discussed so far>

(!) Note to organizers
it is expected that you have contacted relevant teams or groups for your hackfest prior to proposing it, for example if you plan to do an Art hackfest, contact the Art team for ideas.

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