The meeting is going to held in Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, please register yourself by mailing us at GNOMEPERU mail with your ID (DNI) and your complete name to enter to the university at 4:00 p.m.

Do not forget to carry on your own identification card (DNI)

Let's Contribute workshop will teach people topics related to GNOME and encourage them to contribute with the project. Each hackfest will have a goal. We can solve a bug or designe an artwork for GNOME. Charts for every session are going to be published. We are going to teach Mallard, Git, Python, C, GLib, GObject or whatever may be necessary in order to contribute to the community. The period will take a month, divided in 4 sessions on Saturdays.

Installation is not our focus this time, but we can help people to do that.

Plan for our First session (4 hours): Saturday, May 23rd

In charge

What is GNOME, Wiki navigation, how to contribute

Jose Quiñones

Documentation with Mallard, basic examples and lists

Julita Inca

What is Glib, Bugzilla navigation, Fixing a bug

Cesar Fabian Orccon

* Post about our first session.

Plan for our second session (4 hours): Saturday, May 30th

In charge

Make a basic Web browser

Cesar Fabian Orccon

* Post about our second session

Plan for our third session (6 hours): Saturday, June 6th

In charge

Upload the code of Basic Web browser in GIT

Cesar Fabian Orccon

Fixing a bug

Cesar Fabian Orccon


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