GObject-introspection Hackfest

Location: Berlin, Germany - 3 days during the BOFs at the Desktop Summit and 3 Days at the Openismus office

Date: Wednesday, August 10th - Monday August 15th

Primary contact: Tomeu Vizoso <>

Secondary contact: John (J5) Palmieri <>

Relevant GNOME team

Documentation team, introspection and bindings hackers, ...


GObject-introspection is a fundamental piece of the GNOME developer story and needs some more energy behind it.

Agenda, goals

  • Generate API documentation from the .gir files
  • Store default values for arguments
  • Document the .gir format for binding developers
  • More type information is needed to fully support binding generation for languages such as C#
  • ...

Measuring your success

We expect to tackle some important issues that have been open for too long and also get one or more existing contributors to further familiarize with the internals.


  • Tomeu Vizoso <> - One of the PyGObject maintainers, has contributed to gobject-introspection as part of his work on introspection-enabling PyGObject, originally for the Sugar project.

  • John (J5) Palmieri <johnp AT> - Another PyGObject maintainer

  • Laszlo Pandy <laszlok2 AT> - An occasional contributor to PyGObject who is interested in working on documentation generation.

  • Colin Walters <> - GNOME developer

  • Shaun McCance <> - "That documentation hacker dude"

  • Piotr Pokora <piotras AT> - Main developer of Midgard Content Repository with gobject introspection support

  • Torsten Schönfeld <> - Maintainer of the Perl bindings, interested in completing the Perl bindings and in documentation generation

  • Martin Pitt <> - Interested in documentation generation and porting GNOME pygtk2 stuff to PyGI/GTK3

  • Guillaume Emont <> - Interested in things that would make Grilo better. Enjoys python.

  • Richard Dale <> - Working on a Qt G-I based binding: Interested in language independent docs

  • Arno Rehn <> - Working on KDE bindings

  • Ivan Frade <> - GNOME developer (Tracker), user of GI in python. Trying to help in some coding tasks.

  • Johan Dahlin <> - GNOME developer, doc gen, win32 port, pygtk compat

  • Simon Schampijer <simon AT> - Sugar Developer




Accommodation (checkin and checkout dates)

Tomeu Vizoso

50 EUR train

7th-16th (9 nights)

Torsten Schönfeld

Not needed

9th-14th (5 nights)

John (J5) Palmieri

$1332 USD

10th-16th (6 nights)

Laszlo Pandy

$200 USD

6th-14th (8 nights)

Colin Walters

Not needed

Not needed

Shaun McCance

Not needed

12th-16th (4 nights)

Piotr Pokora

Not needed

Not needed

Martin Pitt

Not needed

Not needed

Guillaume Emont

Not needed

Not needed

Richard Dale

Not needed

12th-16th, sponsored by the KDE eV (4 nights)

Arno Rehn

Not needed

13th-16th, sponsored by the KDE eV (3 nights)

Ivan Frade

Not needed

Not needed

Johan Dahlin

Not needed

5th-8th, 12th-14th (5 nights)

Simon Schampijer

Not needed

Not needed

Estimated subtotal

$1602 USD

45 nights x 29 EUR = 1305 EUR ($1861 USD)

Total: ~$3463 USD

The board has offered a total of $5742 USD, an extra $1291 USD from the initial estimation with the aim of sponsoring the attendance to the Desktop Summit on the days previous to the hackfest.

Current sponsors

Sponsor of one of the venues: Openismus GmbH

Sponsor of one social event: Collabora Ltd.

Sponsor of another social event: Nemein Oy

How to get there

Accommodation and food

  • The hotel is roughly between the two venues, even within walking distance for some:

Hotel Transit Loft Immanuelkirchstraße 14 a 10405 Berlin-Prenzl.Berg

Phone: +49 (0)30 / 484 937 73 Fax: +49 (0)30 / 440 510 74


Mention that you are sponsored by the GNOME Foundation at reception.

Previous discussions, organization threads, drafts, relevant links, etc

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