Owner: TravisReitter

We'll mostly be focusing on implementation details that are easiest to work on in person and/or high priority. Eg:

  • the EDS backend
    • move it to EVCard instead of EContact
  • search-based retrieval (pair)
  • lazy loading (pair)
  • bugs in general (pair?)
  • general build clean-up (incl. bgo#652463)
    • figure out this build bug after maintainer-clean:
      • /Aggregation/IID: GConf-WARNING **: Could not parse GCONF_DEFAULT_SOURCE_PATH: Failed: Couldn't open path file `/home/treitter/checkout/gnome/folks/tests/data/gconf.path': No such file or directory
  • API (as a group)
    • handling authentication prompts
      • eg, Google password prompt in Evo needs to happen even if Evo isn't running
        • some of this will go away with GOA, but not all
  • examine Xavier's contact list API in Telepathy
  • can we minimize / remove tp-lowlevel?
    • maybe thanks to new contact list API and Tp move from asv to GVariant
  • make a policy for when we'll stop bundling the C files in the source tarball
  • move to GSettings from GConf
  • dramatically factor the tests
  • file bugs against Vala for all the C compiler warnings we end up with?

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