GNOME Software Hackfest

London, 4th-8th April 2016

Primary contact: Richard Hughes
Secondary contact: Robert McQueen

Relevant GNOME team



This is primarily a GNOME Software integration and future development hackfest, but perhaps wandering into a xdg-app/ostree/gnome general discussion.

Agenda, goals

  • Introductions
  • Intro to the GNOME Software architecture
  • What Red Hat wants to do
  • What Canonical wants to do
  • What Endless wants to do
  • What Codethink wants to do
  • CI/build systems for runtimes

Measuring your success

Re Hat, Endless and Canonical have all agreed to use GNOME Software as a software center. We'll need to make certain changes to the architecture and to the UI, and this will ignite this discussion.



Relevant contribution/aim

Foundation member?

Arrives on

Departs on

Flight cost

Accommodation cost

Total sponsorship request

Richard Hughes

GNOME Software Maintainer







See for full table.


We're using the Red Hat London Office, so £0.

Current sponsors

Endless, Canonical, Codethink, Red Hat

How to get there

Tube / Train

Accommodation and food

I think everyone has accommodation now, but there are sooo many hotels in central London.

Previous discussions, organization threads, drafts, relevant links, etc

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