libhandy review

HndyLeaflet: a useful adaptable container, we should have something like it in GTK+

HndyColumn: a way to set natural sizes - adding pixel sizes like this goes against our general trend to avoid pixel sizes. The general answer seems to be constraints

view switcher: we should have a more adaptable stack switcher

long discussion about fashion vs fundamentals, libegg, libgd, libdazzle, libhandy are all fashion

lunchtime discussions: it makes sense to allow wacom pads, buttons, etc as triggers for shortcuts

dnd leftovers:

  • unify dnd and regular mouse events
  • unify the code for propagating them
  • figure out status updates
  • make gtkdragsource a gesture
  • make gtkdragdest a gesture
  • nuke gtkselection and gtkdnd.c

random decision: don't do headers in listview

review of rbtree api

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