Notes from day 1

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Life-cycle, LTS

Discussion started around life-cycle questions. Some suggestion is that we should have a stable version every ~2 years, and keep developing an unstable version - GNOME will then ship both the stable and the unstable version and give applications the choice of which one to use. Possible problems: library stack bifurcation.

flatpak might help with giving applications more freedom to use the version they want, giving us more freedom to change things.

Benjamin also wants to use this to make private apis available as 'unstable'.

Consensus: we will do this, details still to be worked out.

Container API

Benjamin wants to add child adding apis to GtkWidget, and have added/removed signals there. Next step after that would be to make gadgets real widgets and add them to their parent widget directly. A problematic case of container api is gtk_container_forall: it should have two separate vfuncs: one for enumerating all direct children (the include_internals==TRUE case), and one for enumerating the 'public' children.

Global coordinates

gdk backends without global coordinates are a reality, we need to deal with them. We've discussed the api in bug and an alternative without a property bag.


We used the opportunity that we're in the same building to ask Patrick McDonald some questions about RTLD_GROUP, dlmopen and related topics that cause problems for using host libraries in flatpak runtimes.

Small group discussion

The latter half of the afternoon was spent in diverse small group discussions.

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