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GSettings Hackfest 2010

Cambridge (MA), April 12-17

Primary contact: Ryan Lortie
Secondary contact: Vincent Untz

Relevant GNOME team

Maintainers of GNOME modules, platform architects


The aim of this hackfest is to move GSettings and dconf to the state needed to have it used in GNOME 3. Some non-trivial GNOME modules will be ported to validate the API and help find issues.

Novell will host the hackfest in Cambridge. We expect to have no more than 5-7 participants.


Much appreciation to the following sponsor who made this event possible:


Many thanks also to Red Hat, Codethink and Lanedo for sending people to this event!

Agenda, goals

  • make sure gsettings and dconf are rock-solid
  • land the missing bits in glib
  • define a migration plan from gconf
  • port a few applications (evolution, gnome-panel, nautilus?) to validate

Measuring your success

  • see the goals, which are (nearly all) measurable
  • people should be able to start porting other apps after the hackfest


If you are interested in attending, please send email to the contacts above stating the work items on which you want to hack (and/or proposing other work items).





Ryan Lortie

Toronto, Canada

IN: AC358 YYZ↘arr13:04. OUT: AC7965 dep18:45↗YYZ

Vincent Untz

Grenoble, France

Matthew Barnes

Westford, MA

Matthias Clasen

Acton, MA

unavailable April 1, April 19-22 and April 26-30, other days available 9am-2pm

Christian Kellner

Passau, Germany

Colin Walters

Cambridge, MA

can host 1 person

David Zeuthen

Somerville, MA


(!) <list of costs like venue, hotel, etc>

How to get there

The hackfest will occur at Novell: 198 Broadway, Cambridge.

To get there, the simplest way is to take the Red Line and go to the Kendall/MIT station.

Accommodation and food

(!) <list of places to stay and eat near the venue>

Previous discussions, organization threads, drafts, relevant links, etc

A lot of discussion happend privately or on IRC, but there's a small thread on desktop-devel-list too.

Notes from the hackfest


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