The event blogging guidelines, or how I learned to let our corporate friends pays the bills and let me code in peace.

1) Please at least post one blog post during the event, preferably one per day.

2) Each post must include a thank you to our sponsors.


Travel and board:


Every attendee gets 1-month free full access to Plural Sight's online courses, if you have not gotten yours yet please poke your friendly organizer and a code shall be provided.

Finally after blogging please mail with the link and I will collect all the posts on this page for delivery to our sponsors:

Also if you are taking photos from the event, please send a link to your collection at some point to

Finally attendees sponsored by GNOME need to have their travel budget page signed by the event organizer, please ensure that you get that done.

Day I:

Day II:

Day III:

Day IV:

Day V:

Day VI:

Post event:

* Photos:

Media mentions:

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