Lima, Perú, June 28 th

Primary contact: Julita Inca Chiroque
Secondary contact: Giohanny Falla Pillman


LET's USE LINUX is the phrase we use this year to promote the use of GNOME and Fedora.

During the GNOME PERU FEST 2014 we presented GNOME 3.10 and Fedora 20 as Linux projects.

This was divided in two parts: installing and how to contribute with both projects.

IBM Perú is an important IT company in Peru and the event is going to be held in its campus. in La Molina.

Members of GNOME and Fedora were invited to do a testimony about their contributions around the world.

Specialists of IBM guided students during the installations in the first part of the event.

You can see our proposal of t-shirt and banners here


1.- Registration & Placed laptops of participants: 09:00 - 09:30 a.m.

2.- Sergio Sotelo (Chief of Technology and Innovation Officer of IBM Perú)

  • Presented WATSON which runs over Bluemix. He also announced the Limuna project that will be launch today on June, 30th.

3.- Maite Brignetti (Branding IBM) -> Applying to IBM Perú

4.- Richard Miguel (IT Specialist of IBM) -> High Availability in Linux

5.- Aaron Castanon (Architect of IT technologies IBM) -> Linux is the future

6.- Jonathan Campos (T Specialist – Software Services IBM) -> Middleware Applications

7.- Alberto Guerrero Cardenas (IT Specialist Unix IBM) -> Raspberry PI with Fedora 20

8.- Marco Villegas (GNOME Peru and GSoC 2009) -> Participating in the GSoC program

9.- Workshop of Installation of Ubuntu and Fedora 20 -> Michael Garrido (Ubuntu Perú) and Rodolfo Pimentel (Red Hat training in Peru and IT Specialist of IT in IBM Perú)

10.- Valentin Barros Puertas (4 times GSoC, twice with GNOME) -> Experiences in the GSoC

11.- Fabian Orccón (Peruvian winner of GSoC with Pitivi – GNOME) -> Participating in GSoC

12.- José Antonio Rey (member of Ubuntu Perú) -> Cloud Services, he is 17 years old and he presented his project juju in Amazon EC2.

We shared pizza and coke and here you have the grupal photo:


Everyone was invited, students, teachers and people who are interested in knowing something about Linux: Fedora and GNOME.

Registration Fee

It is a free event, we are not asking people for any pay.


1. GNOME Foundation (t-shirt, banners, stickers, globes and cake)



12 t-shirts


Banner of the event Let's use Linux 110cm x 85 cm


Banner of the GNOME PERU FEST 1.20m x 4.00 m


100 stickers of Let's use Linux


100 stickers of GNOME PERU FEST


GNOME PERU FEST 2014 cake 60 cm x 40 cm




Plastic plates and fork for cake and napkins


Transaction of the bank and possible others


Total: $400

2. IBM

  • Campus for almost 200 people
  • 12 Pizzas and 12 coke of 2 liters

Total: $150

3. Info PUCP

  • 100 notebooks with the logos of the event
  • 100 pens with the GNOME logo printed

How to get there

Av. Javier Prado Este #6230. La Molina. Lima, Perú.

After the event

The post was published in my personal blog

The post was published in Students events in IBM USA blog

The post in the newspapar of Lima La Republica

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