Lima, Perú, April 14 th

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A group of six peruvians guys that were working in Perú for about five months as a group called "NoVAPython" are going to expose their experiences with GNOME. we are going to present our work using Python, ruby and Arduino, and of course GNOME 3.x.


1- Welcome Words, by Julita Inca (5 minutes)

  • Lights show using Arduino and Kinet, by Michael Hurtado & Juan Carlos Mori (3 minutes)

2- GNOME, the community - Julita Inca - 10 minutes

  • Browsing the GNOME Desktop - Julita Inca - 8 minutes Installing GNOME 3.x (VBOX - Fedora - Ubuntu) - Julita Inca - 25 minutes

3- Loving the GNOME terminal - Giohanny Pillman - 15 minutes

4- GNOME Applications I used:

  • Cheese, Banshee, Pitivi - Giohanny Pillman - 25 minutes

5- Cloning GTG- Giohanny Pillman - 15 minutes

6- Trying to fix firsts bugs- Giohanny Pillman - 15 minutes

7- Coffee break:

  • Globes, water and coke for everyone, grupal photo and Harlem Shake - 30 minutes

8- GNOME Extensions

  • What they are and examples of creating my own Python App interacting with GNOME and Arduino - Mario Lamas - 45 minutes

9- Arduino and GNOME

  • Open Hardware, Applications and Gnoduino, the future - Michael Hurtado - 45 minutes


Everyone is invited, students, teachers and people who are interested in knowing something about GNOME.

We are expecting almost 100 students (organizers and attendances).


It is a free event, we are not asking people for any pay.

Current sponsors

GNOME Foundation

Blender Perú




Perú Cola

Agua Vida

How to get there

Universitaria Avenue 1801, San Miguel, Lima 32 - Auditorium of Engineering & Science.

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