Fractional Scaling Hackfest

Taipei, Week of 5 June

Primary contact: Jonas Ådahl <>
Secondary contact: Marco Trevisan <>

Relevant GNOME team

(!) Gnome-Desktop Team


(!) GNOME shell has supported hi-dpi monitors for while. Currently, we only allow to scale windows by integral factors (typically 2). This proves somewhat limiting as there are many systems that are just in between the dpi ranges that are good for scale factor 2, or unscaled.

We want to support different fractional scaling values in mutter and gnome shell, by upscaling the widgets and then downscaling to the requested value at composing time.

Agenda, goals

* Drawing the Shell UI at a higher resolution than what the logical pixels correspond to.

* Non-integer scaling adaptations here and there

* Xwayland clients support study

Venues and Dates

Canonical Limited Taiwan Office - Taipei 101 (Room D, 46F), from June 5th to June 9th.



Relevant contribution/aim

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Flight cost

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Jonas Ådahl







Marco Trevisan







Current sponsors

Accommodation and food

(!) <list of places to stay and eat near the venue>

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