GNOME Foundation hackfest

Cambridge, UK, October 17th-19th, 2018

Primary contact: Nuritzi Sanchez <>, IRC/Telegram: @nuritzi

Relevant GNOME team

GNOME Foundation Board, officers and Foundation employees


This hackfest will bring the GNOME Foundation Board and the full-time Foundation employees together for a three-day deep dive to begin the new financial year.

Agenda, goals

  • Financial and spending policies for 2018-2019 budget
  • 2018-2019 strategic initiatives
  • Work on ongoing items

Venue and Dates

Collabora, LTD


  • Collabora, LTD
  • GNOME Foundation


  • Nuritzi Sanchez
  • Allan Day
  • Philip Chimento
  • Federico Mena Quintero
  • Rosanna Yuen
  • Neil McGovern

  • Rob McQueen

  • Kat Gerasimova
  • Carlos Soriano

GNOME SOCIAL (Thursday, 18 October)

Come meet up with the GNOME Foundation Board and other awesome GNOMEies in Cambridge, UK! We welcome anyone who's interested in meeting members of the GNOME community -- friends and family are also more than welcome to join! We'll be buying a couple of pitchers of beer at Maypole Pub, and then walking over to Pizza Express, where the Foundation will buy a few pizzas for the group. Come early to ensure you get some free beer and pizza!

Please RSVP here for either or both events.


  • When: 18:30 - 19:30 Thursday, 18 October
  • Where: The Maypole - 20A Portugal Pl, Cambridge CB5 8AF (map)



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