Flathub Hackfest

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Image Credit: Cinquantenaire Park, CCO

Location & Time

* Where: Brussels, Belgium, venue TBD

* VOTE: Please vote on your preferred dates by adding a +1.

  • Tues, 30 Jan - Fri, 2 Feb
  • Mon, 5 Feb - Weds, 7 Feb


  • Improving the infrastructure: try to automate more of the infrastructure and make it more robust. Set up a staging and production split. Have more people review and know what is happening. Look into using the OS Tree push server.

List of Possible Attendees

  • Alex Larsson
  • Matthias Clasen
  • Rob McQueen

  • Patrick Griffith
  • Srdjan Grubor
  • Dan Nicholson
  • Jonathan Blandford
  • Christian Hergert
  • Pete Stevens
  • Andrea Veri
  • Patrick Uiterwijk


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