Engagement Hackfest at GUADEC 2018

  • Date: 6th - 11th July
  • Location: Almería, Spain at GUADEC

The purpose of this hackfest is to onboard some new members from different geographic areas and to work on some important projects that will help us continue to grow the community throughout the year.

Invited Attendees


Session 1: Engagement Onboarding

  • Intro tools: get the newcomers on ALL THE THINGS
  • Workflows and scope of the Engagement team
  • Match with mentors

Session 2: Brainstorm on community growth and newcomer integration

  • How did it go at GUADEC? How do we improve in-person events?
  • How do we improve the online and remote experience?
  • How do we grow and integrate considering geographic/time zone differences?

Session 3: Contribution workshop planning

  • What kind of workshops or contributor events can we put on in the upcoming year?
  • How do we scale these and teach people how to hold them?
  • How can we help attendees become regular GNOME contributors?

Session 4: Break into projects

  • Type 1
    • Website: We'd like to optimize it for new contributors.
    • Wiki: think about a revamp and how to make it easier to find resources internally.
  • Type 2
    • Social Media: for teams and workflows.
    • Photo gathering: what's the best way to collect photos throughout the year with licenses we can use?
  • Other: if someone is interested in another topic, we're open to exploring that too!

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