ATK1 or ATK2?

No API Change Required

  • Should the information about relevant -visible and/or invisible- objects be exposed?
  • 551489: API doc for atk_text_get_text_before/at/after_offset() are not consistent

    • Person Responsible: Li Yuan

  • Document AtkHypertext / AtkHyperlink AtkHyperlinkImpl (see bug 650118)

  • Document AtkSocket / AtkPlug (see also bug 649307)

API Addition

API Break

To Be Determined

Postponed/No Additional Action Required


  • Mission: allow to have the a11y toolkit enabled by default without performance loss
    • Fits here or on an gtk hackfest
  • From here: ThreePointOne/Features/Accessibility
    • "To make headway on a good accessibility story, we need to get to the point where we can turn on toolkit accessibility by default without adverse performance effects. "
  • One already discussed proposal:

  • Related to bug 649123


  • How many thing breaks ATK/AT-SPI2 API?
    • Release plan for ATK2?
  • As it is a ATK break, it would be required to update implementors ("GAIL2", "Cally2") etc.
    • Release plan for GAIL2, Cally2
    • For gtk3 or gtk4? => we don't know gtk4 dates

    • For clutter or clutter2? => we don't know clutter2 dates

  • Other modules
  • Maintain support for both simultaneously?
  • Issues related with update at-spi2 API and how know if implementors implements that
    • Consider add a AT-SPI2 method to expose the version
  • Who will do each thing?
  • Conclusions

    • It is too early to make a final schedule for ATK2
    • We have created a target milestone on bugzilla to classify bugs breaking API
    • About the modules affected:
      • For the case of gtk and clutter it seems that the best idea is targetting gtk4 and clutter2
      • In the case of firefox it is not as important
      • WebkitGTK probably would do something similar
    • Frederik already created a bug to track the "AT-SPI2 exposing the version thing"
    • As we said, too early for a final conclusion, mostly because we would start with the non-breaking API tasks

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