GNOME Wiki Guidelines

Before you start contributing, please become familiar with these concepts.

How do I get started?

Where should a page go?

Is it an application?


Is it a single coding project?


Is it a GNOME-wide initiative?


Is it work done in cooperation with an existing team?


Is it related to a GNOME event?


None of the above?

Use your personal namespace

What should I know about editing?

  • Read QuickStart

  • We expect everybody to follow our Code of Conduct

  • Make sure you're on the Trusted Editors page

  • Be concise.
  • Stay on topic for a page.
  • Be courteous on pages you don't maintain.
  • If you are not the creator of a page try to include a reason when making page edits unless it is completely obvious.
  • Use relative page links when linking to a sub-page. For example, if you have a page called "Apps/FooBar/Screenshots" a link to it from "Apps/FooBar" should look like "/Screenshots". This facilitates page renaming and easier maintenance.

  • Try to follow the format found in the Template in each section. For example, this template for applications.

  • If you Subscribe to a page you can get email every time the content is changed.
  • Old Revisions can be restored if needed.

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