This page contains notes on planning the Outreach Program for Women which aims to promote the participation of women in GNOME-related development.

Any woman with the skills and interest to get involved with the GNOME community should consider participating in the Outreach Program for Women. This program will give them valuable work experience and knowledge for finding full-time employment in the free software industry. The free software industry offers exciting jobs, a top-notch environment where people are passionate about their work, and good work/life balance due to flexible schedules and the ability to work from home.

One of the key reasons that women are under-represented in the free software industry is that free software companies usually hire people who have already participated in the free software community in their spare time and often have the detailed knowledge of the project they are being hired to work on. However, women do not typically volunteer with technical projects in their spare time. This internship program is a great way of bridging this gap, by making women aware of the great employment opportunities in the free software world and providing them with the free software background that will make them more qualified in the eyes of the free software employers.


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