Areas people can play a role in GNOME are:

  • Software development
  • System administration
  • User interface design
  • Graphic design
  • Documentation
  • Community management
  • Marketing
  • Identifying issues and reporting bugs
  • Helping users
  • Event organization
  • Translations

Individual proposals can be centred around any of these roles for a particular project. We are open to women proposing their own projects, but following is a list of projects and mentors that are interested in participating in the program.

Projects Interested in Participating

Here is a list of projects interested in participating in the program.

  • GNOME Shell; mentors: Marina Zhurakhinskaya; possible roles: software development, graphic and interactions design, usability, documentation

  • Empathy; mentors: DanielleMadeley, GuillaumeDesmottes; possible roles: software development, usability, documentation, new default theme

  • Documentation; mentors: PaulCutler; possible roles: help with re-write of the GNOME User Guide and / or Accessibility Guide for GNOME 3.0; re-write any GNOME application(s) help to be topic based and written in Mallard

  • Anjuta; mentors: Johannes Schmid; possible roles: software developement, usability, documentation. Also willing to mentor other GNOME-related ideas, just contact me.

  • Marketing; mentors: Stormy Peters; possible roles: analyzing and improving web site metrics, developing and executing fundraising campaigns, developing presentation materials, working on GNOME 3.0 marketing campaign with the marketing team and partners

Other project ideas:

  • Educational software, such as Sugar for OLPC

Application process format ideas for the GNOME Shell

These are application process format ideas for the GNOME Shell that can be used for other project as well.

  • Have an introductory hack-week when all applicants can get familiar with GNOME Shell, tools for its development, basics of the code behind it, and get started on fixing a bug from the GNOME Shell bugzilla or offer design for some feature.
    • Can have a session at MIT during IAP (IAP is an Independent Activities Period at MIT for four weeks in January when we can offer a session about GNOME Shell development/design. We can offer such session at any other time/place too.)
  • Have a period when applicants are encouraged to participate in the GNOME Shell community on IRC and fix bugs or offer designs.
  • Select applicants that have contributed the most to date and are most promising.
  • Have 2-3 months internships with the project, assign mentors, create a dedicated IRC channel for the participants.
  • The program would be internship-style, where the person just works on anything related to the team project, rather than GSoC-style where the person picks up a pre-defined individual project that she is supposed to complete. That way it would be both easier for the GNOME Shell team to define and help with the assignments, and for the participants to not feel stuck or overwhelmed when faced with a large project.
  • It would be great if we can get some university to sponsor co-locating the participants during the time of the program (e.g. MIT or some other university in the Boston area).

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