An effort to involve more women in GNOME stems from a desire to manifest the value of inclusiveness, as well as from the following benefits to both groups:

Benefits to Women for Getting Involved in GNOME

  • Being part of a great community, transparent way of getting things done, and a powerful inclusive movement
  • Opportunity to affect development in areas such as education, science, usability, accessibility, and access to computers in poor countries and communities
  • Rewarding and flexible jobs

Benefits to GNOME for Getting More Women Involved

  • Input from all segments of population will result in products that appeal to wider markets “The power and capacity of an open source community is determined by the quantity and quality of its social capital. If a community fails to invest in either – if it turns off or away qualified people because its culture (however unintentionally) discriminates against a gender, race or group – then it limits its growth and potential.” From Women in Open Source – the canary in the coal mine by David Eaves

  • Bigger community – addressing some of the issues that result in fewer women in GNOME will also improve the experience for all newcomers
  • More gender-balanced environment

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