Adding calendar support into Getting Things GNOME!

Short description

Getting Things GNOME! is a personal tasks and TODO-list items organizer, but it currently does not support a calendar view. The goal of this project is to build a plugin for GTG that displays all of the tasks that have time associated with them in calendar views (day and week), and to allow users to create and edit tasks in these views. Such views would make it easier to visualize one's task schedule, and to make time-related modifications to current tasks.

About me

I am Sara, a recent master's graduate student of Computer Science at the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil. I recently moved to Seattle, USA.


Here is a tentative timeline for the project:

19. May - 25. May

Finish week view prototype, with modularization, etc.

26. May - 8. June

Expand the prototype by allowing users to click on tasks to edit them, and to drag and drop to change task duration.

9. June - 22. June

Build a prototype for day view with the same functionalities.

23. June - 6. July

Incorporate week view into GTG

7. July - 20. July

Incorporate the notion of time within a day into GTG, and then add Day view to it.

21. July - 3. August

Build a prototype for the month view (calendar) with all the functionalities.

4. August - 18. August

Incorporate month view into GTG.

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