Documentation for GNOME applications and desktop help

Short description

GNOME documentation team's mission is to provide the GNOME community with high quality documentation, including online help, tutorials, application manuals, and user interface guidelines. I'll be documenting Gedit for the release 3.14 and gnome-games like gnome-klotski, tali, gnome-chess, swell-foop.

About me

I am Rashi Aswani, pursuing B-Tech in Computer Science from IIIT-Hyderabad, India. I'm currently in my penultimate year of graduation.


Here is a tentative timeline for the project:

19. May - 2 June

Update help of Gedit for release 3.14.

3 June - 17 June

Work on the reviews.

18 June - 2 July

Write help for gnome-klotski, tali.

3 July - 17 July

Work on reviews.

18 July - 2 July

Write help for gnome-chess,swell-foop.

3 July - 18 August

Work on reviews.

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