Translation and review of GNOME project files in Greek

Short description

GNOME has maybe the best translation in Greek of all other GUIs. My task is to finish the translation and review of the strings for possible grammatical or other mistakes. Also I'll test all known (to me) translation programs and describe my opinion about them.

About me

I’m Maria Mavridou from Thessaloniki, Greece and I graduated from the School of Technological Education Institute of Thessaloniki – Greece, with a degree in Automotive Engineering in year 1998. I’m currently working as a teacher in secondary education schools.


Here is a tentative timeline for the project:

19. May - 23. May

How to start using GNOME's translation system. Test various translation programs and create a blog post about results.

24. May - 31. May

Translation and review of GNOME Infrastructure.

1. June - 15. June

Translation and review of Extra GNOME Applications (stable) and Extra GNOME Applications.

16. June - 30. June

Translation and review of GNOME-Office Productivity Applications and External Dependencies (GNOME)

1. July - 15. July

Translation and review of GNOME 3.14

16. July – 25 July

Translation and review of (non-GNOME).

26. July - 10. August

Translation and review of OLPC.

4 August - 18. August

Review of GIMP and Friends.

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