This page contains information specific to GNOME's participation in the Outreach Program for Women internships from January 2 to April 2, 2013.

Four participants did internships with GNOME during this round. The internships were generously sponsored by the GNOME Foundation, Google, Mozilla, and Red Hat.

Project Ideas

Mentors, please add your project ideas and a link to your contact information here:

Archive integration (mentor: CosimoCecchi)

  • Benefits: Improve the user experience in GNOME when reading and writing archive files

  • Requirements: Basic knowledge of C. Previous knowledge of GLib and GTK are a plus.

  • Note: see notes on Archives for an analysis of the status quo and some possible approaches to improve it

Flickr integration (mentor: DebarshiRay)

  • Benefits: Make content stored in Flickr a first class citizen in GNOME

  • Requirements: Basic knowledge of C. Previous knowledge of GLib and GTK are a plus.

  • Note: GNOME's single sign-on framework allows users to configure their Flickr accounts. The task is to make the core desktop and applications pick up this information and expose the content to the users. A good example is Settings. The Background panel in Settings should allow users to choose their wallpaper from pictures stored in Flickr.

Proxy editing in GES for Pitivi (mentor: Thibault "thiblahute" Saunier)

  • Benefits: Allow users of video editing software to dynamically swap clips in their project, to use low-definition versions for fast playback during editing and high-definition versions for rendering.

  • Requirements: knowledge of C. Previous knowledge of GLib and GStreamer are a plus.

  • Note: see for some details

Presentation page for Rygel (mentor: JensGeorg)

  • Benefits: Easy status queries (and perhaps configuration changes) of our beloved UPnP-AV server through a web browser.

  • Requirements: Basic knowledge of Vala and HTML (perhaps C). Knowledge of the HTTP protocol and libsoup could be helpful.

  • Note: see for some details.

GeoIP and Wi-Fi geolocation servers and client libraries (mentor: BastienNocera)

  • Benefits: First steps towards integrated geolocation in GNOME

  • Requirements: Basic knowledge of C, GLib. Experience setting up web services is a plus.

  • Note: client libraries will be using C/GLib. Some of the server-side code would require C, though proof-of-concept implementation could be in any language familiar to the intern (and readily available).

Update the "Overview of the Gnome Platform" document (mentor: FedericoMenaQuintero)

  • Benefits: This document is the entry point into Gnome for programmers, and it needs updating for Gnome 3.

  • Requirements: Good English writing. Experience with writing technical documentation is a plus. Knowledge of the Gnome platform (even at a minimal level) is a plus, but not required; if you don't know it, consider this a learning exercise too!

  • Note: you can read the Unstable and Stable versions of the Overview document. Its source lives in the gnome-devel-docs git module.

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