This page is for actually working on the website "" (WGO).

  • Fix missing 404 page (Bug #553529)

  • Fix ( GnomeMobile web page)

    • new logo
    • refocus the project & give a clearer identity

    • A list of active participants
    • Some stories of devices based on GNOME Mobile (human interest type stuff) - Vernier, Nokia, Ubuntu Mobile, iRex eReader.
    • Project roadmap & achievements

    • Ideally, links to some applications which target only GNOME Mobile APIs would be nice.


Derived from GnomeWeb/WgoScope we describe here what WGO should:

  • Give an introduction & overview to the GNOME project and what it can do for users, developers and large deployments.

  • Tell how to get involved in the GNOME project
  • Be a gateway to the relevant GNOME subsites


  1. Fix small issues with great impact
  2. Update information
  3. Remove outdated content


Outlined in GnomeWeb/WebPolicies that are also true for updates to the current pages:

  • URIs should be simple and easy to understand, remember and type.
  • The website should conform to certain standards like XHTML1.0 Strict.
  • Easy to read, and your children or grandma should be able to understand the vocabulary.
  • Pages should have responsible maintainers, and the pages should contain contact information.

Get sources

To download the sources of WGO you can do so by anonymously using SVN:

$ svn checkout gnomeweb-wml

You should regulary update the sources:

$ cd gnomeweb-wml
$ svn up


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