www.gnome.org Scope

Here we define the vision and scope of www.gnome.org. The strategy and implementation derives from the requirements listed below.

Changes in this document imply a revision of the GnomeWeb/WebPolicies, the GnomeWeb/Goals, the GnomeWeb/GnomeSubsites and the GnomeWeb/UseCases.


www.gnome.org provides:

  • an introduction to the GNOME project: software (desktop + applications), development platform and community
  • an overview of what GNOME can do for users, developers and large deployments
  • an overview of how to get involved in the GNOME project
  • a gateway to the relevant GNOME subsites

With www.gnome.org users should be able to:

  • find out how they can try GNOME
  • find where they can get extras for their GNOME system: software, artwork...
  • do all the above in several supported languages

General Goals

  • Explain clearly what is GNOME, why you want to have it and be part of it
  • Be the primary resource of information and materials about the GNOME project
  • Offer a simple interface with the GNOME community for feedback and support
  • Provide communication channels and tools to all the profiles involved in the GNOME community
  • Satisfy current ISDs, public sector and hobbyists using GNOME
  • Attract new users and developers, primarly from the targets mentioned above
  • Provide tools and materials to learn and increase the involvement of people in the GNOME project
  • Assist the organization of successful meetings and events.
  • Be as multilingual as the GNOME software and community

Improve this document

This is an approved document. We invite you to improve it by adding your comments below. Note that this is a key planning document, we might not touch it during the production phase of each release. Only the maintainers of this document can approve changes to it.


  • "a selection of news related to GNOME (press room)" would go to news.gnome.org -- QuimGil

  • "a selection of events related to GNOME" would go to news.gnome.org / community.gnome.org -- QuimGil

  • "find support or user documentation about GNOME" would go to support.gnome.org -- QuimGil

  • Added the General Goals, removed from GnomeWeb/Goals. Needs revision. -- QuimGil

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