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The new structure for the www.gnome.org site (defined in the completed GnomeWeb/NewWgoStructure goal) calls for several subsections. 'Get Started' is one of them.

This goal depends on GnomeWeb/NewWgoStructure. This goal is related to GnomeWeb/LayoutPlanning (which defines how the pages will actually look) and GnomeWeb/CmsSetup.

We are currently in the planning phase. See GnomeWeb/DevelopmentTimeline to know more about the 2.18 release schedule. See GnomeWeb/Goals for a complete list of goals and their status.

Starting points

The earlier goal defines the following structure:

  • Get Started - Try GNOME: desktop, applications, development platform.

    • OSs and distros
    • Windows&Mac downloads

    • LiveCD
    • Intro for developers
    • Intro for sysadmins/deployments.

    • Learn more


The basic task is to plan and write this section of the www.gnome.org site.

  • Plan the content of the pages in more detail, starting from the structure defined in the previous goal.
  • Research the information needed
    • Which Distros do we want to feature? Contact them, get information about them.
    • What can we offer Windows and Mac users? Who in GNOME knows this?
    • Do we even have a LiveCD team? Who are they? Is it up to date? Where can it be downloaded?
    • What do we want for developers? What's been our material on this so far? Ask developers what they want.
    • What do we want for sysadmins/deployments? What's been our material on this so far? Ask sysadmins/deployments what they want.
  • Write the pages on the CMS
    • Create images and screenshots as needed


Related GnomeWeb/UseCases:

  • All audiences including hobbyists
    1. What is a LiveCD
    2. I'm looking for free downloads, I'm a Windows/Mac user, no idea what you mean with the beer and speech thing
    3. What relation does GNOME have with my [freeOS/distro]
    4. How can I try the GNOME desktop
    5. Help me choose the distro that suits me best
    6. I need help to install and start using GNOME applications / desktop
    7. I want to know about the latest & coolest unstable GNOME software (??)

  • ISDs
    1. Where is the documentation for developers
    2. We want to use library X, where is all the documentation
    3. Best practices, known issues & common mistakes

    4. How can we get free / paid support
    5. Overview of the GNOME architecture and development platform
  • Public Sector
  • We want to know about deployments howto's, institutional reports and recommendations
  • How to work together
  • How to provide quality feedback based on our GNOME experience


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